Smile Direct Club For The Millenials: Braces Student Discount

SDC Student Discount

We’ve all been there. Being a student, with just your daily lunch money, going to school, and no part time jobs yet. You really don’t have that much option when it comes to financial capabilities. Especially if you’re going for that perfect smile with braces. A student can’t just simply avail of a treatment plan that in average costs around $3,000 to $6,000. 

But don’t worry, most, if not all of orthodontists and dentists now apply student discounts to their services as well. This also includes the newly established teledentistry industry who are already offering dental solutions for less than the average price of braces. Some universities and colleges also partner with dentistry companies near their area for college students to avail of a student discount. You can ask your schools administration office if they have such program offerings.

Smile Direct Club, one of the pioneers of this industry is giving out a lot of coupons and discount codes to its customers. One special offer they are current;y giving out is their student discounts. You can go to to find out more

Basically, it states that you can use code STUDENT2020 and show your school id to get 100$ off your aligners with them. Smile direct club aligners are actually one of the few dental solutions that are usable by kids.Since they can just take their aligners everywhere. Whether it be for school or they are on a school trip. Another great reason for your kids to go with a smile directly is that the tedious process of going back and forth from the dentist is not a problem with a smile club directly. They have licensed and accredited orthodontists and dentists that will monitor your progress wherever you are

What is Smile Club Direct?

Smile Club Direct aims to provide aligners and dental solutions at lower price compared to traditional braces.They cost around 60% cheaper when compared. 

Customers who want to avail of smile club direct aligners will need to first undergo a pre-check up, or basically an assessment of your teeth. There are two options that they provided depending on what will be more convenient for the patient

First they offer home kits or what they call home impression kits. Most people will choose this option as it is very convenient especially now, during this pandemic. It’s a simple mold which you can set up and use by yourself and without any professional supervision. After getting an impression of your teeth, you’ll need to ship back the kit to smile directly for their accredited dental professional to assess. Then you will receive an email about the duration, costs, and what will happen during your treatment. It’s a great option to get started as this initial test will only cost you around 59$. Additional discounts are available via coupons. You can check out our article of the best Smile Direct Club coupon codes and holiday deals here!

Second is you do have an option to go to their physical stores or “Smile Shops” as Smile Direct calls it. We recommend this option if you have the time and means to do so. The biggest difference between this and the home impression kit, is that this is a accurate 3D scan of your whole mouth, not just your teeth but also the overall impression of your jaw.

After you have done the initial scans of your teeth, you will be assigned a treatment plan by one of their accredited dental professionals. You will start going through their program of wearing their aligners, which are more comfortable than traditional braces.

Other Discounts People Can use

Student discounts are not the only thing that students or college students can avail of. There are also coupon codes and other holiday deals that came from Smile Direct Club themselves.

Smile direct club released different discount codes last black friday, and they are still valid for use as of writing. Just go to you can get different types of coupons like a 50% off impression kits which would just make your starting payment only $25 to get on board the journey to a perfect smile.

They also have a special offering right now for an easy payment plan. You can initially pay a down payment of $250 and then pay 89$ monthly thereafter for the remaining months of your dental plan. Another option is if you have the means to do so, you can just pay a one-time payment of $1950. We know,that sounds a bit steep but consider it because compared to an easy payment plan it will save you $436 more in the long run.

Final Say

Nowadays you really don’t need to be afraid or hesitant of procedures that are essential to your health. A lot of companies and providers really do care for their customers and provide lots of discounts. You just need to look out for special deals and offers especially during the holiday season.

Just remember that your health is more important than any other material thing that you are saving up for. If you do take health or dental procedures, be sure to take advantage of different discounts and coupon codes that are being offered to you.