The Dental What If’s: Braces Gone Wrong

Braces What?

Getting braces can be quite a daunting task. Not just the pain and discomfort that you need to endure for like the next couple of months or years. But also of how expensive and tedious the logistics are. 

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that all braces are bad or can go wrong. What we are particularly pinpointing with the title is that there are some braces which are DIY, which are an absolutely bad issue  for you and can mess up your teeth.

We know that some people just can’t afford braces from a registered orthodontic treatment or dentists that’s why they have no choice but to take risks with these horrible DIY braces that is even sent to you kn a package, without the manufacturer having any prior knowledge of the current situation of your teeth. These so called home braces don’t even do check ups or an x ray of your teeth bones and roots. Having a bad treatment plan for your braces also causes tooth and gum diseases, in fact around 400,000 Americans develop gum recession and gum disease from braces every year.

On top of that having gum diseases increases your risk of other diseases, like heart problems, pneumonia, pancreatic cancer, and diabetes.

Ask your local dentist or orthodontist if there are any correlation between having braces and developing gum diseases and you’ll get varying answers about the issue depending on who you’re talking to.

That’s why it’s extremely important that if you are getting braces, you either choose a registered and accredited dentist or orthodontic treatment if you have the spare money to do so. However if you are looking to save. There is a new player in the braces industry. These companies are called teledentistry. Basically they are companies that provide affordable solutions. One Great example is Smile Direct Club to which you can save around 60% compared to traditional braces.

Things You Don’t Know About Braces


What would you do if we told you that the braces you were wearing were not first worn by you? Comes a bit of a shock doesn’t it? Because apparently recycling is also a big movement in braces. Some dentists and orthodontists cut down on production waste materials by recycling parts of dental braces and accessories. There are dedicated specialized companies just for this specific task. Like Ortho-Cycle who collects, cleans, and sanitizes these materials.


Another thing you’ll notice is that the actual treatment always seemed to take longer than what was initially mentioned. Most dental professionals will quote you with a time frame for 1 to 2 years. But you need to understand that those are just rough estimates and will really vary depending what happens during the treatment period.


Let’s all be honest here, We all know how expensive having braces is. Not just the actual installation but also the coming visits, adjustments, and checkups. That;s why you were here in the first place right? You’re looking for achieving the perfect smile without burning a hole through your pocket.

According to a report from the American Association of Orthodontists. payment plans are usually being offered by dentists and orthodontists to their patients. A down payment is usually required to avail of this easy payment plan which is greatly complimented by a 0% interest offer. That’s why when you are able to pay the whole fee up front, you can try to ask for a discount which most dental professionals give.


You might think that having braces are all cleanliness and hygiene. But in reality it is actually very hard to clean your teeth with braces on. First is that the glue that holds the bracket to your teeth attracts more dirt and stains, simply because, well it is a glue. Second is that you’re going to have problems with bright fluid which is naturally sticky. Like curry for example, after you eat you’ll notice how curry easily clings to your braces and into the bracket which create a yellowish appearance for your smile. Third is that having bits of food stuck in between your brackets and teeth spells trouble and induces gum inflammation and diseases.

Mail To Order Cheap Braces

You shouldn’t order braces that are mail to order or the so called “DIY braces.” These types of braces offer no proper evaluation nor any checkup by a dental professional like x-rays and BPE gum scores which makes them risky. Adding the fact that these braces are meant to be put on by just the patient and with no assistance from a  professional whatsoever.

X Rays and BPE are important pre-installation because these are like the maps of a dentist on where the teeth roots are located across your jaw. Xray also shows cases of “unerupted teeth” . These are teeth that don’t sprout outside of your gums and are hidden under the jaw. Some of these unerupted teeth might be blocking or holding your teeth in place, thus braces would be useless if these are not removed first.

Lastly, cheap DIY braces have all of its aligners sent to a patient all at once. Meaning you won’t have continuous visits to a medical professional, nor a track record of how your teeth and braces are progressing.

Perfect Smile, The Right Way

If your goal is to have a perfect smile, but are afraid of getting cheap braces, or maybe you can’t just cash out on expensive ones. Then don’t worry there is actually a middle ground between these dilemmas. A way that has high quality service before and after the treatment, but in an affordable price.

The teledentistry industry started braces and aligners for a cheaper option compared to traditional braces. It’s about 60% cheaper when comparing the total average cost over the course of the treatment.

Smile Direct Club is one of the pioneering companies of this booming industry. You can check out the plans and their accredited orthodontist and dentist and inquire about how you can achieve that perfect smile you are longing for!