The Great Strategy: Smile Direct Club Commercials

Make up of a great marketing strategy

What makes a great marketing strategy great? Is it the name or the brand of the company? Is it the famous people that endorses them? Here at maridata we feel that a great story or idea that is brought to life by a well-produced commercial is one of the foundations of a great marketing strategy. 


First and foremost commercials bring that much needed awareness of your brand to your target customers. If for example you only provide newsletters or e-mails, you will be extremely limited to the information you can disseminate throughout, that is if your customers even bothered to read the email marketing you’ve sent.


A commercial can provide a sense of expertise to your brand. having a commercial alone proves that the business is doing well and proving their worth. It also gives a sense of awareness for your customers that you are giving importance on sending them a message through promoting your brand


The ratio of a TV or a screen in general is not 1:1 unlike emails or written promotions which is usually sent and read by an individual. Your commercial might be being watched by a family, or a group of friends which can quickly spread through talking about unique commercials with their peers. That’s why if coverage is the goal, a TV commercial is the answer.

The Commercials

Smile Direct Club commercials are maybe one of the most funny and quirky stories that you might have seen. Check out our compilation of smile direct club commercials that will bring you both to laughter and tears.

The Heart-warming approach

In this heart-warming commercial you can see a child named Madilyn tearing up as she opens up a gift for her. which was a Smile Direct Club home impression kit. Some of the younger generation nowadays understands how important having a perfect smile is, not just for their looks but for socializing as well.

When Madilyn opened up her gift she can’t help but shed some tears of joy as she is finally getting her teeth alignment treatment.

The company encourages people to give someone you love a smile that they have been waiting for.

The Scary but witty tactic

With a smile direct to the marketing stack team, you’ll figure out that they would do witty commercials like this one. At the first 5 second of the commercial, you wouldn’t even guess that this is for an oral health commercial. they compare two instances and then turn it to a marketing call, or a call to action so to speak.

It’s a smart take on making co-relating an instance that they can help you, and turning it around to the problem that they can help you solve. what a tactic indeed!

The old reliable

If blog posts has guides as their all -time favorite format, commercials have the discount promotion and a model combo for the old-reliable. It just works so well no matter what niche you are creating a video commercial for.

People have the tendency to stare at discounts and promotional offers. It’s just what everyone wants obviously, to save money on a product they have been eyeing for a long time.

This particular Smile Direct Club commercial claims that you can get your teeth straighten for just $3 a day. As long as you wore the aligners as directed by their accredited orthodontist or dentists.

The Comedy Spectacle

Nothing grabs attention like a commercial that’s both funny and shocking. In this hilarious tv commercial by Smile Direct, they put a play on not being able to fix problems out of their scope and quickly turns it around to a marketing call that instead they can straighten your teeth for 60% less than braces.

It’s a skit for a bad driver, reasoning out that there’s a squirrel, which was the cause of the car accident that put a dent on their driveway. A clever use of a comedy skit to grab attention and using that to promote your products and brand.

Try Smile Club Direct!

Overall, commercials are a fun medium to which marketers can freely express what they want and be creative on how to grab the customers attention. It makes marketing enjoyable and fresh to the eyes.

Did Smile Club Direct commercials entertain you? Leave us your comments and suggestions as well as your most favorite of all their commercials!