The Smile Acquisition: Keaton Baker

Who Is Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club is one of the industry leading pioneers when it comes to teledentistry. They were one of the very first to introduce dental and teeth aligning solutions to the market on a significantly cheaper price.

Affordability is not just the only highlight of Smile Direct Club. They also offer high quality service and customer support. I Would say that of all the dental health places I’ve been into, Smile Direct Club has the best employees and customer support representatives. Both their chat support and phone support are superb! 

When I first started looking for a cheaper solution for my crooked teeth, I was asking around as to what would be the best choice for my budget. I started chatting and calling customers’ sales rep of different teledentistry companies for me to know what they can offer. What really caught my attention was how respectful and knowledgeable the customer support of Smile Direct is. They speak and explain their product well and are very concise on how a treatment would change my life.

Next was when I went into one of their physical stores in Minnetonka, which are called “Smile shops”. These are where you can get a 3D scan of your teeth if you prefer that compared to a home impression kit which they send to your home address.

I was amazed by how respectful and courteous everyone is.Adding the fact that when asking anyone about the details of their product they seem to know them by heart which makes their pitch you alluring to go for.

So here I am wondering how great the talent acquisitions manager of smile direct must be. To be able to get all of these lovely people to work together for their company. So I did a bit of research and checked out who exactly was responsible for their talent acquisitions.

The Secret To the Great Smile Team

Having a united front when it comes to your sales and customer care team is a daunting task. But Keaton Baker. The head for talent acquisitions of Smile Direct managed to accomplish this marvelous task.

Baker and his team have been managing almost all the recruitment of the company not just in the US but in other countries as well. According to Baker ” SmileDirectClub was founded on one simple belief: Everyone deserves a smile they love. Our mission is to give access to the world’s most iconic, powerful and universal symbol of happiness. We have helped over 750,00 members across all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom get the smile they love”

With Keaton Baker being a graduate of applied science in Criminal Justice from Tennessee State University is what maybe gave him the ability to read people’s ability with just interviewing them.

Globally, Keaton is based in Nashville, TN. With over 5000 team members and growing. He has been the global leader when it comes to recruiting and managing new talents of the Smile Direct company. They now have around 350 smiles shops all across the world. which means that the increasing need for manpower will exponentially grow in the coming years.