Smile Direct Club Assistance: Healthcare Finance Direct

HFD and Smile Direct Club

Having a perfect smile may be one of the most important facial features that a person needs to have. It’s not just for aesthetics or being attractive anymore. Having a perfect set of teeth also exudes self-discipline and professionalism. But braces are also one of the most expensive dental procedures known to man. 

According to Dr. Tamara, an orthodontist with the Valley Pediatric Dentistry in New york “People in the united states should expect to spend anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000 or even slightly higher depending on the type of treatment needed, length of time and age of patient”. A 2018 survey of the average cost of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment that was conducted by the American Dental coincides with what Dr. Tamara was discussing. It states that treatment can range from $5,000 to $6,000 although it will depend on what state you’re in. An example is that an adult in a populated place such as manhattan would need to set aside around $11,000 for braces.

Fret not, as in today’s technology and innovations some cheaper options have come to light. The teledentistry industry is a booming market because of the significant price reduction on its braces and aligners treatment plan. Smile Direct Club is one of the pioneers in this industry. They provide dental solutions for teeth formation for a more affordable price.

Compared to the average $3,000 for regular braces, Smile club Direct’s treatment plans average at just around 1,900$ which is already a big saving in itself. But of course not everyone can afford one time payments of that amount, nor do they have money lying around to splash on braces. Luckily a consulting services company called health care finance direct has partnered with Smile Direct Club to give its customer an installment option to pay for the treatment.

Who is Healthcare Finance Direct?

Healthcare Finance Direct or HFD for short is a Limited Liability Company that is based in Bakersfield, CA. They are one of the pioneers in this industry providing thousands of patients an easy payment plan when it comes to health services. In a way they are both helping a patient, and the hospital, as these establishments usually will lose income because patients often postpone or delay treatments because of financial matters. 

One of the biggest reasons patients leave a hospital without treatment is the obvious lack of a proper payment plan. and in a way the biggest reason health care professionals let them do this is also the fear of not getting paid. with healthcare finance direct, this is not an issue anymore.

Aside from financing health care treatments and procedures, Healthcare Finance Direct also handles paper billing, endless phone calls and checkups with the hospital staff. In short they also provide management solutions for all the logistics involved with your treatment plan, which is a pain when you’re sick.

For the medical professionals, HFD is also Godsent. Basically, they will handle all the billings and collections of payment every month, and be directly transferred to your banks account. They make billing completely painless for the patient, with options like auto debiting and a reliable online payment portal. What’s more is they ask the right questions when it comes to patients applying for a loan, and not just based on FICO scores or credit scores.

Probably the most noteworthy and unique service that they provide is that they let the medical professionals or facilities earn the interest. This way there’s no need for a third party lender or middleman that would just take away the payment interest of the patient for themselves.

The Partnership: HFD Smile Direct club

Smile direct club actually has ez payment plans ranging from 6 to 12 months from their own company. But paying just about $100 per month for their braces is still too much for some people. This is why the HFD Smile Direct Club partnership was formed. HFC Smile Direct Club provides a better and longer payment option for patients that want to have braces installed.

It’s an easy payment plan that you can avail. You can actually call either HFC or Smile Direct club for more info and inquiries about the plan. You can still choose between ordering a home impression kit as well as order invisible aligners which has insurance coverage in case of accidental damage. The impression set that smiling direct clubs sends you is a complete package that molds around your teeth and gets a perfect formation of what your teeth look like. This is an excellent option, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Availing of the HFD Smile Direct club partnership will still provide you with a list of accredited dental expert and dental practitioners that will guide you on the step-by-step process of your treatment

There are no changes to the treatment plan that you will receive with a smile direct club even if you don’t directly avail of their payment plan. You will still get the so-called “experience with a smile”. One thing I particularly like is that you have access to 2 customer support services when you avail the HFD Smile Direct Club payment plan. You don’t have anything to worry about like all of the logistics and scheduling that come with availing a brace. Both HFD and Smile Direct Club will actually work it out for you which makes usual visits to the dentists less of a hassle.

One added feature are the auto debits you can enroll for your cards to avail of the automatic monthly payments. Another great option that comes with the HFD Smile Club Direct partnership is the availability of an online payment portal which we must say is pretty reliable and convenient for the average person. HFD also provides mobile applications and finance tools that users can install on their smartphones to enable access to information on the go.

Overall the partnership of HFD Smile Direct Club is an excellent opportunity for people looking to get braces but are very limited when it comes to their finances. It’s a great way for people to avail of the premium quality service that these companies offer in a more practical way. Highly recommended!