Perfect Teeth On A Budget: Smile Direct Black Friday Deals

The beauty of a discount

Having that perfect killer smile will always be an asset to a person. Whether it’s for aesthetics or just wanting to present yourself in a more professional and dappered way. But braces and dental treatments really do drill a hole in your pocket. With costs averaging out at around $3,00 to $,00 depending on where you live.

Luckily we now have a new industry blooming called the teledentistry market.They provide highly affordable solutions for braces and oral health problems. Companies like SmileDirect Club prove that braces and a perfect smile can be achieved with far less spendings.

How does it work?

Basically, Smile direct club gives you two options at the start when you avail of their service. You can choose between ordering a home impression kit which you can use to get a mold or model of how your teeth are looking. Then you will need to send the impression back so that Smile Direct Club and their accredited orthodontists and dentists can take a look at your teeth formations. Next step would be the licensed orthodontist and dentist will assign you a specific or custom treatment plan that usually takes about 12 to 24 months.

For pricing, to get started with a remote impression kit, you would need to pay 59$ or you can go to a SmileShop near you for a 3D scan. Once your new smile directs “smile” is ready you have payment options  to choose from. You can make a one-time payment of $1950 which compared to other traditional braces is around 60% lower in price. They also offer a more easy payment plan that they call SmilePaytm. You Can avail this by paying a one-time payment of $250 and $89 a month for 24 months. One huge benefit of this is that they don;t do credit checks nor any logistical hassle like hundreds of forms to fill out. By the end of the treatment you’ll need to lastly purchase a set of invisible aligners to maintain your new smile.

We know that even with these payment options some of our readers are still reluctant when it comes to cashing out a huge amount for braces. Fret not, as we compiled the different deals and coupon code that were released for smile direct club braces. You can avail of these offers and get a huge discount for your treatment plan. We also compiled some of the black Friday and cyber Monday deals that smile direct club offered. These codes still work as of writing.

Deals and offers

Smile Direct Club made a huge splash of discount and offers during black friday and cyber monday. One of their offers is an impression kit that is only for $25 which will be free because it comes with a free rebate! You can also get $150 off on some of their products like the invisible aligners, bright on whitening pens, and smile direct lip balms. Just used the code: REBATE25

You just need to order the home impression kit first and after getting your teeth impression ship it back to the return address label provided. You will receive  digital claim code via your email for you to avail of the same amount you paid for your kit. Please be advised that the code can only be claimed within 4 months of your receipt. 

They also have an ongoing raffle entry to wing free aligners when you either return your home impression kit or complete your 3D scan in a smileshop. 

Here’s the process

1. Sign up at and order you impression kit

2. Finish up on molding your teeth and send the kit back

3. Receive your aligners and premium items

Smile Direct Club has registered and licensed dental professionals who creates and design the treatment plan. You can re-order their aligners every 6 to 12 months. These aligners are of high quality and don’t require frequent visits to the orthodontist or dentist. What is even greater is that compared to traditional braces they are 50% to 60% cheaper. You can also avail of a full refund if in any way you are unsatisfied with the items you received.

Extra Coupon Codes!

As with any other businesses or shops, some third party coupon stores are offering discount codes for direct smile club. You can check out different sites like to avail of different discounts.

Some codes include 1% cash back of online purchases site-wide or $20 off a 1 year supply on premium teeth whitening. These are all great when in the first place your goal is to save money that’s why you chose to go with a smile direct club.

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Let’s Save Money!

Whatever you choose. Whether traditional braces or the new innovations of teledentistry keep in mind that there are always ways and tips that can save you a lot of your hard-earned money.

That;s why review sites and guides like our blog are always helping and searching for the best deals that our readers can avail of. Please do continue following our reviews and articles to get the latest news on discounts and offers, especially with Smile Direct. Hope you have picked up a coupon or two! Keep smiling.