About Us

An Online Community

Maridata is an online community blog that aims to promote businesses through reviews and articles. My sole focus is to inform people about any startups whether it be big or small, for them to be able to find new opportunities in the industry that they are looking for. 

Products are not just material things that take up space in your home. I believe that the best businesses out there, that provides high quality items. Enriches and empowers the lives of everyday consumers

Hi everyone! This is Cameron McKellar from Cleveland, Ohio. Welcome to my small business blog. I have been collectively reviewing different products and companies in general for around 6 years now, and writing up, on whats good, and maybe what needs a little bit improvement. 

I dug deep on the internet and spent a lot of time grinding and reading through different sites, forums and videos to gain an insight on what’s new and exciting. So I started Maridata.net to share everything I have learned about businesses and their products. Most of the products you’ll find here are your everyday tools and equipment, but it’s also broken down into different niches. I have over 6 blogs right now that are reviewing areas and industry. This is only one of the few sites I have. Please do visit the others!

Ever since the inception of maridata in 2013, we have been simplifying the benefits and strong points of different businesses in a variety of niches for the average consumer. We stand out on the thousands of common product reviews and comparisons to bring you the best of the best that businesses have to offer. I write my reviews with a human-centric approach so that my write- ups are more digested easily by my readers. I can help you find specific things you’re looking for from things, like the best aesthetics equipment, to the best companies in niches like, sales, consumer products, and even dental services! Basically everything under the sun that piques the interest of a general consumer is here.

Many of the ideas and reviews listed here do have a return or a small commission through their affiliate/ referral links program, but I always assure my users that anything I say and write is not influenced one whether the product is an affiliate of mine. I wanted to be upfront about that so that you can feel at ease that I maybe just saying good things because the products company is paying me

My mission is simple. I wanted my sites to be the definitive blog that will be used as a reference for discovering products and wonderful businesses and the stories that surround them. I truly believe that everyone deserves the best services out there available. My goal is to provide a different take or perspective on how businesses I review can help shape your everyday life differently. Moreover, I also aim to cater to the different types of personality of my viewers, thus making my reviews flexible and empathetic.

Products and business are two things that are ever-changing in this world. As one of the go-to resources in gaining insights on products. I promise to inform and inspire my readers on purchase decisions to propel their daily life forward.